Certifications are Key to Digital Work

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

You’ve heard the saying, “Knowledge is power.” If you are looking to sell your skills online, certifications are essential to your digital credentials. The easiest way to get the certifications you need is to take some specialized courses online.

One course to get you started is Fundamentals of Digital Marketing from Google. Not only is this a free certificate, it’s also a useful fundamental for all digital nomads. The course is about 40 hours, and can be taken at your own pace.

From there, start looking for certification courses on these websites: Udemy, Coursera, ClassCentral and edX. Not all certification courses are free, but they are substantially less expensive than university degrees, and for technical fields, can actually be more useful. Remember, you are marketing specific skills. A recent certification from Google is potentially more relevant than a general university degree.

LinkedIn is also a great resource for learning and adding free certifications to your resume. Speaking of LinkedIn, it’s also important to list all of your certificate skills on your profile. Do not be afraid to promote yourself. Your skills are your product and that means you have to advertise. When you offer your skills to a potential client, you must expect them to review your official qualifications online.

Investing in a few targeted certifications in your primary skills will make all the difference, especially when starting out and you don’t have an established list of regular clients.

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