Analyze to define your outValue

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Now that you have your list of skills and a self-assessed proficiency rating for each of them, it’s time to do some analysis. To be able to live a simple life, a life of your own design, you need to obtain a very important quality: freedom. Freedom comes in many layers. This freedom is about how you choose to generate value in your life.

Most people in the world are indoctrinated to believe they are working for some other person. They believe some other person is their “boss”. This is a self-limiting mindset. It will keep you bound in service to others.

You are your only boss. You are your own resource. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing work for some large corporation, a small business or an individual. You agree to provide outValue in exchange for inValue. Typically that’s money. You’re selling your time and ability.

See yourself as a salesperson. Or perhaps you’re a broker of your own skill. Know you are ultimately the one who calls the shots. You are always self-employed. If you’re doing something, you are the labor. Labor is the essential ingredient.

Start to see those who pay you for your skills as your clients. It’s very important that you see them not as employers, but as clients. Consider these two sentences: Someone else employs you. That takes power from you. Compare that to this idea: Someone else buys your offered skills. That gives power to you. You decide what skills you offer and for how long.

Now, from the perspective that you are your own boss, decide what skills from your list you would like to offer to others. For example, I can cook basic meals, but do I want to cook for others? Don’t worry about what your skill proficiency is. I may be a beginner at playing guitar, but I can still consider it a skill I’m willing to sell, if that idea sounds fun to me. Skills can be improved.

The skills you select can all be related or they can be an eclectic diversity. The only thing they should absolutely have in common is that you would enjoy selling these skills to others. This trimmed down set is your outValue, or your personal inventory of abilities that you are willing to market.

Make this a list separate from your overall skills list. The new list will become your focus in the next step.

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