List: What’s Important

Photo by Dayvison de Oliveira Silva from Pexels

The first list in your Book of Lists is to help define what your simple life needs to have in it. When you start, list everything that’s important to you. You don’t need to try and cull things down to a minimum. This list will always be in progress.



  • Meet people / community
  • See new places
  • Learn new skills


  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • Passport

On the left side, list the experiences that are important, even essential. Be as detailed as you can. They can be obvious needs such as sleep, eating, shelter or even sex. But they should also be experiences that you strongly desire, such as, travelling the world or learning new skills. On the right side, list the physical items you own and you consider to be essential.

If working a job is an experience you need, then you can certainly list it. But don’t include working if that’s only a means to your needs. The ways you will obtain what’s important to you is a different list we will discuss later.

When you make this first list, think about all of the stuff you currently own. Imagine getting rid of each item. If not having it stresses you, add it to the list. Also, pinpoint what experience would be lost or difficult to obtain without the item. Ensure that experience is on the left list.

As you go about your days, over a period of two week or even a month, every time you have an experience that you really enjoy, add it to the list. Every item you possess that you use in any way, add it to the list.

Remember, this is a starting point, an initial assessment. It will change as you begin to discover what living your simple life actually looks like.

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