What is simple?

Photo by karsten madsen from Pexels

If I were to ask you what it means to live a simple life, what are the first ideas that come to mind? Less technology? Fewer things to do? A cabin in the woods? Living in a smart home? Travelling the world? All of those are valid thoughts. What simplicity truly is will ultimately be defined by your own needs.

SIMPLE adjective,
easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty

Oxford Languages

For some, living in a cabin in the woods, without WiFi, without electronics, without connection to mass society, would be stressful and challenging. For others it might be the epitome of a simple life. Difficulty is subjective based on our own desires and skills.

For example: living in a small cabin in the woods, with no electricity and no stress from technology and information overload, still has its own unique challenges such as:

Gathering and chopping wood for warmth.

Growing, harvesting and hunting for food.

Obtaining and purifying drinking water.

Ensuring security from wild animals.

Planning for and responding to medical emergencies, and so on.

These could be difficult tasks or they could be easy tasks, depending on the person who’s doing them.

So, living a simple life starts with defining what simple means for you. This journey begins with knowing, truly knowing, yourself. Knowing what things make you happy and what things make you stressed. Happiness could be off-grid homesteading where you work the land for a stable and structured life. Or it could be the life of a digital nomad, where you own almost nothing and work for the excitement of new experiences.

There’s no single right way to it. There’s only your way.

Finding it out is your first task.

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